Frequently Asked Questions

What are the approximate distances from major cities to Bay Cottage?

Washington DC - 180 miles
Baltimore - 142 miles
Wilmington - 74 miles
Philadelphia - 74 miles
New York City - 150 miles
New Haven - 230 miles
Boston - 360 miles

How do we find Bay Cottage?
The mailing address for deposits and communications is:

Bay Cottage
PO Box 133
South Dennis, NJ 08245.

Bay Cottage is not, however, situated in South Dennis. Bay Cottage is one of two dwellings on a 35 acre property in Dias Creek, Middle Township, Cape May County, NJ. It is located just south of Pierce's Point, and the Highs Beach community.

The property is long and narrow, and fronts on State Highway Route 47 South at one end, and, a mile away, on the Delaware Bay at the other end. The official address for the property is 247 South Route 47, Dias Creek, Middle Township, NJ 08210. However, the preferred access to the cottage is via Highs Beach Road, to the bay end, turn left onto Bay Avenue, an unmarked public street (gravel and shells), then, after about 100 feet, pass directly through our open gate onto our private driveway (marked by faded signs). The cottage is located on the land side of our driveway, it's the only house situated on pilings.

Is the kitchen well equipped?
The kitchen is equipped with the usual appliances. There is a huge sink, a nice quiet dishwasher, a coffee maker, toaster and microwave, as well as a range and refrigerator.
The kitchen is stocked with dishes, stainless steel pots and pans and cutlery.

Are there laundry facilities?
A full sized washer and dryer are in an alcove off the bathroom.

What are the bathing facilities?
The bathroom contains a large shower, toilet and sink. There is an outside shower and stall behind the cottage, and a hose to wash off the sand before entering the cottage.

Is there beach protection for swimmers in the Delaware Bay?
Although the Delaware Bay beaches in New Jersey are open to the public, there are no life guards. Every once in a while we have noticed someone swimming in the Bay. Swimmers do so entirely at their own risk. The floor of the bay gradually slopes out from the shore. At low tide there are alternating ribbons of sandbars and water way out from the shore line. You can see this in the photo at the right.

How far are the nearest protected public beaches?
The beaches in Cape May, the Wildwoods, and Stone Harbor are within a 15 - 20 minute drive of Bay Cottage. Most of these beaches require beach tags which are available for purchase in each community.

How far is the nearest shopping area from Bay Cottage?
Within one mile of the cottage there is an excellent garden center/farmer's market, a fish market/ tackle store, and a roadside restaurant. The nearest convenience store is approximately 4 miles away. The major supermarkets, etc. are within a 10 minute drive in either the Rio Grande area, or Cape May Court House. The best prices for gasoline are in Rio Grande.

What sort of wildlife has been sighted at the cottage?
The cottage sits on a rather unique section of the Delaware Bay coastline in that it is not nearly as developed as most of the surrounding shore area. A multitude of species of shorebirds, songbirds, and raptors have been spotted in the wooded areas that surround three sides of the cottage, as well as on the beach. Our son was delighted by the sight of a large buck (with antlers) as well as a bald eagle, standing on the sand flats at low tide one early morning as the sun rose over the woods. If you're on the lookout for out of the ordinary (and ordinary) species of butterflies, frogs, turtles and small mammals, they do show up. And, of course, there are the horseshoe crabs who arrive during spawning season, and other marine life.

Is there an Audubon Center nearby?
An excellent Audubon Center and branch of the Cape May Bird Observatory is about 5 miles north of us on State Highway Route 47 between South Dennis and Goshen.

Can you launch a boat on the Bay Cottage property?
You may launch a small boat off the beach at high tide - but you will have to have someone to assist you to pull it up onto the beach from the driveway area across the path that leads to the beach in front of the cottage. This has been done, many times, with the right man power. There is also a marina about 4 miles north of us on Route 47, where boats can be properly launched and docked.

Is there cable television?
The cottage is equipped with basic cable and with a small television.

Is there Internet capability?
Yes, there is a line for cable Internet hook-up.

Is there air conditioning and heat?
The central air/ heat works well. During a very hot summer day, due to the lack of tree canopy over the cottage roof, it is well to keep the shades half drawn during the afternoon, the windows closed, and the air on. Under those circumstances the temperature inside the cottage normally stays cooler than 80 degrees.

Is the beach accessible all year around?
During the past few years the State of New Jersey has imposed restrictions on beach access during the migratory period for the Red Knot. The 2010 dates for the beach closure run from Sat., May 8 to Fri., June 4. During that period of time, although the beach is not accessible for walking, you can still put a beach chair out there on the dune, to catch the bird activity (the dune is part of our property). And we wish to stress that the view is great from the cottage itself. There is a long shell covered road on our property, just south of the cottage, that we call "Gus's Beach Road". It stretches one mile back to Route 47 through woodlands and wetlands areas. We welcome the many cottage guests who take advantage of this walk.

Are there good places to walk?
There is a nice long beach to walk. South of us are just a few other homes and the oyster research facility run by Rutgers, then nothing but the woods on the left and the bay on the right for quite a nice long distance. This walk is beautiful at all times of year and times of day. The sun rises over the woods, and sets over the Bay.

How far is Bay Cottage from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry?
A fifteen minute drive. And that's a great ferry ride, if you've never taken it!

Is the pond behind the cottage a good place to fish?
Not really. The best fishing and crabbing is on the bay beach, in front of the cottage. You can see some good bird life around the pond - various herons, and other water fowl, frequent the pond. During periods of minimal rainfall, the pond is sometimes reduced to a large puddle!

Why do your rates change throughout the year?
Cape May County is a resort area. We happen to love it at any time of year, so we offer our cottage to visiting guests during all four seasons. We like to reduce our rates in the off-season in order to encourage visitors to this incredibly beautiful area. We only rent the cottage out for weekends and weeks because we and our family use it ourselves every chance we get. A year round constant renter would not afford us that opportunity.

What is it like in the winter?
That varies. There can be sunny clear cold days, there can be very windy days, etc.. One of the most beautiful times of year is when the frosty feathery tips of the phragmites glitter in the sunlight and the rising or setting sun blankets the partially frozen bay in a subtle glow.

Is there privacy at Bay Cottage?
This is one of the finest aspects of the cottage location. Our property is over 400 feet wide at the bay end. We moved our cottage to the midway point of this width. As a result, the nearest house on either side of the cottage is at least a good long city block distance away, with vegetation in between, so, yes, there is privacy. We have been allowing our neighbor to travel on our driveway, on a temporary basis, so a few times a day their vehicles pass by. Other than that, and the occasional stroller or fisherman on the beach (on the other side of the dune from the cottage), there is the ultimate in privacy.

Are there nice things for children to do in Cape May County, besides going to the beach?
Lots in the shore towns and inland as well - miniature golf, the arcades, etc. There's a multiplex movie theater in Rio Grande, just 10 minutes from the cottage. A very nice large zoo is situated in Cape May Court House, and an excellent library. The Wetlands Institute on the road to Stone Harbor is a few minutes away. Leaming's Run Gardens is located in Swainton, just a short drive away. Cape May is a lovely town for young and old - full of beautifully restored Victorian houses, good restaurants, shops, tours, boat rides, music and theater festivals etc.. Stone Harbor is a classic shore town with lots to offer. The Wildwoods are host to that famously extensive boardwalk... Here is a link to the Cape May County Tourist Board web site for information about what our County has to offer.

If you have any other questions or would like to email us in regard to available dates:

(856) 495-8908 (ask for Steve or Lila) (please place the words "Bay Cottage" on subject line)